Euclid Fish History

     The Euclid Fish Company’s roots go much much further than the market opening in 1944. Our founder, Chef John J. Comella was always interested in the food service industry. As a young man in San Fransico, John sold produce with his father; listening, watching and learning what it would take to make it in the business.  The Comella family eventually moved to Cleveland where relatives had already settled. Soon after, Johns father passed when he was 12 thus building on his hard work ethic to support the family. John loved to sell and wanted to build on what he has learned from his father. He began his food service career in grocery sales going door to door selling groceries and seafood with the WM Edwards Company. The depression soon hit and John then began selling hot cream waffles on Cleveland’s East Side. After picking up an interest in the food service industry, John started selling clams and oysters from horse drawn wagons while also working on Lake Erie fishing boats, catching perch and blue pike. Absolutely loving the seafood industry, he then began promoting and selling fish fry’s from Capt. Franks Pier off 9th street in Cleveland.

     Not to long after, John opened up a retail market and provided catering services in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio.... And this is where Chef John Comella was born!  He found that with his experience and knowledge on clams, he was able to tell a story and provide a catered dinner to the local Clevelanders who just couldn't seem to get enough! Chef John Comella, being the innovator that he was along with his wife Betty, began packing Our Original Chef Comella’s Clambake... now a mainstay in Cleveland and lore of the locals past and present

     With such success in the catering business.... Euclid Fish Company was born! With the opening of the East 185th seafood market in 1944, John’s family and kids became heavily involved in the business. Although all three of John's and Betty's kids helped out, it was their only daughter Marilyn who REALLY fell in love with the family business and with one fellow who worked there as well, Charles L Young.

     Charles and Marilyn married and worked diligently to grow the business. Charles worked closely with John, and learned all aspects of the company. Eventually, Chef Comella retired and in 1973 Charles and Marilyn purchased the business. Soon after, Euclid Fish out grew the 185th street operations and moved to Mentor in 1977, where the family would open a modern all temperature controlled distribution center and retail market giving the ability to expand their ventures into wholesale seafood and specialty distribution.Charles was an active member of National Fisheries worked tirelessly to build a legacy of quality practices, honesty and integrity within the distribution business of seafood.

     As the company continued to grow, the Young family continued to grow with three generations of kids working within the company. Marilyn and Charles' son, John C. Young and his sister Susan,  loved following their grandfather around picking up fish, produce or just delivering one of the famous dishes he had prepared for a friend that needed a hand. Growing up, both John and Susan continued to work for the family business throughout high school. John left for college and after graduation, he moved to  Los Angeles sourcing seafood and learning further about operations and the industry. A couple years later, John returned home and began to work with Charles to further grow the business.  It wasn't before long, that John took over after Charles' retirement and has continued to grow the family business,along with his sister Susan. Together they have grown the company into not only a seafood distribution facility, but also a center of the plate and gourmet specialty distribution center as well.

     With the third generation in charge, two of his three children have the same passion and commitment as the previous generations to succeed in the family business. Charles L Young graduated from Ohio Wesleyan and is now the account manager in our Pittsburgh office. John's youngest child, John V. Young graduated from the University of Dayton, where he now manages plant operations, sales and specialty purchasing as well as our sustainability advisor.

     With four generations, each leaving their mark, Euclid Fish has grown into a broad line distribution company, specializing not only in seafood, but in all center of the plate proteins and gourmet specialties. While continuing to expand our wholesale distribution throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, Euclid Fish maintains a strong presence on Cleveland’s East Side offering a wide selection of fresh and frozen seafood, restaurant quality meats and gourmet specialties in our market continuing the traditions of family throughout Northeast Ohio.

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