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     Euclid’s Finest is the specialty and gourmet food division of Euclid Fish Company. Under the Euclid's Finest label, it is our goal to deliver an innovative selection of epicurean products and ingredients to culinary professionals and their patrons. We believe that the process begins by sourcing the most unique and hard to find products by developing partnerships with vendors and importers from around the world. Euclid's Finest products complement what we have always believed in and continue to fall under our promise to provide you with the very best allowing you to create and innovate with the finest ingredients available. Products under our Euclid's Finest line include artisanal cheeses and accompaniments, charcuterie meats, grains and roasted vegetables, pastry ingredients, imported oil and vinegar, as well as a variety in seasonal specialties. 


Artisan Cheese, Accompaniments and Charcuterie Meats

     Our cheese program includes both domestic and imported cheeses with a focus on small batch, artisanal products in cow, goat and sheep’s milk. With 80 plus cheese varieties in house, we carefully select our partners to bring you nothing but the best from around the world, including product from our local farms and seasonal specialties. We custom cuts all cheeses to order in our processing facility and are here to help you create custom cheese boards as well!

     In addition to our wide variety of cheeses, Euclid’s Finest also offers the best in cured meats from Nduja, Smoking Goose, Salume Beddu and 1732 Meats. Nduja is highly recognized for their Calabrian style flavors through their famous spreadable sausage, as well as a variety of dried salami, coppa and guanciale. For unique recipes and flavors, Smoking Goose is an excellent choice! Choose from Duck Prosciutto, Gin and Juice, Delaware Fireball and more. Salume Beddu supplies us with hand crafted Italian and European style meats made from local heritage Berkshire pork products.

     To finish off any cheese and charcuterie board, we stock a huge selection of local custom roasted nuts, dried fruits, spreads, olives and an assortment of crackers. For additional options on a cheeseboard, we stock local honeycomb out of Pennsylvania and a selection of nomadic monofloral honeys imported from Italy! 

 Artisan Cheese  Cheeseboard Accompaniments  Salume Beddu  Smoking Goose  Nduja Artisans

Imported Oil, Vinegar, Spices and Salts                   

     Euclid’s Finest has partnered with the best suppliers in the industry to deliver the highest quality and variety of imported specialties, providing you with endless options to innovate in the kitchen. We have 40+ varieties of imported oil and vinegar in house at any given time, plus an exciting line of caviaroli oil and vinegar capsules that are perfect for your lunch, dinner, dessert or bar menus!

     While working to build our very own local spice line, we currently carry a selection of imported spices, as well as an excellent line up from See, Smell Taste Spices.  A variety of Sea Salts, Curing Salts and Sugar are available for your kitchen, along with truffles, mustards and musts for additional flavor options. For extreme flavor and unique options, check out our newest line up from Jacobsen Salt!

Grains and Roasted Vegetables               

     With 20+ varieties in house, our selection of rice and rice blends, exotic grains and legumes comes from InHarvest where all products promote sustainable practices, encourage environmental responsibility and are processed to a standard that exceeds requirements.

     Euclid’s Finest also carries a wide variety of innovative and flavorful artisan vegetables that will add an upscale flair to your gourmet salads, artisan sandwiches, specialty pizzas and more. Choose from fire roasted or marinated artichokes, red or yellow peppers, ciopolline onions, and 10+ varieties of roasted tomatoes and bruschetta’s.

 InHarvest Viola- Agnoni, Aquerello Roasted Vegetables


Pastry and Chocolate Ingredients      

      Euclid's Finest has partnered with the very best in the industry to bring you the finest in pastry ingredients. Uniquely chosen to inspire creativity, our product mix ranges from Noel and Barry Callebaut couverture chocolates and decorations to Nutley Farms almond and chestnut flours. Gahara Vanilla products, La Perruche Sugar and Buerremont butter as well as a variety in pastes and jams are available to fill any of your baking needs. To pair perfectly with our pastry ingredients, we offer an assortment in gourmet, pre-baked dessert shells and tarts. For quality and convenience purposes, we carry French macarons, chocolate salami, gourmet cookies and many more easy to prepare desserts as well.

Pastry Ingredients Couverture Chocolate Cuisine Tech Hopes Cookies


Specialty Pasta      

     From Italian imported to locally crafted pasta, we have you covered on all of your dry and fresh pasta needs. We also have an excellent Gluten Free Pasta option available as well!

Imported Pasta Ohio City Pasta Barilla Pasta


Gourmet Appetizers        

     Kabobs and Van Lang offer a wide selection of fantastic appetizers and hors d’oeuvres known for their unique, international flavor profiles and hand crafted varieties. Our current stock items are great for all occasions, whether it is a black tie event or a small informal gathering; we have selected each appetizer for their distinguished, high quality taste to please all of your guests. Choose from a selection of Asian inspired flavors, skewered favorites, light puff pastries and tarts, as well as breaded and stuffed assortments.

    We have partnered with both Athens and Dufour Pastry Kitchen to not only supply with you some of their oven ready appetizers, but also their phyllo shells and dough, as well as pate brisee and puff pastry butter sheets. 

Kabobs Van Lang DuFour Pastry Athens


Microgreens and Wild Foraged Mushrooms         

      Euclid's Finest is extremely excited to partner with a local agricultural company based out of Akron, Ohio to supply you with a variety of hydroponic and all natural micro-greens. Grown with integrity, their process starts with non-GMO seeds and an ultra-clean environment for the plants to grow. Every plant is grown in either hydroponics or top of the line, all natural soil all under the most efficient utility schemes available. All live and harvested micro-greens are literally grown to YOUR order when placed at Euclid Fish.

     To pair with our micro-green program, Euclid's Finest built a custom, weekly program to bring you the bounty of the Pacific Northwest through seasonal flavors of fresh, wild forages mushrooms and specialty produce. Anywhere from Golden Chanterelles and Lobster Mushrooms to Stinging Nettles and Fiddlehead Ferns, we have you and your customers covered with endless flavors that pair perfectly with seafood, meat and poultry.

MicroGreens Foraged Mushrooms


Asian Inspired Flavors      

      The ongoing growth of Asian cuisine and the increasing popularity of Asian inspired flavors have paved the way for consumers to enjoy true authenticity and cultural favorites. We now carry a huge selection of all the sushi essentials such as seaweed sheets and salads, pickled ginger, wasabi, sushi rice and more. Choose from a variety of udon and soba noodles, flours, starches and cooking powders as well as a selection of Asian inspired cooking oils, pastes, spices and finishing sauces to perfect any dish!

     To pair perfectly with our Asian inspired flavors, we are here to provide you with an incredible selection of sushi grade seafood. All of our seafood is hand selected from industry leading purveyors who fulfill our strict standards to ensure the highest quality product for your sushi needs. Choose from varieties such as Hamachi, Grade AAA Saku Tuna, Soft-Shell Crabs, Tenderized Spanish Octopus and Tobikko as well as an assortment in smoked salmon, whitefish, eel, gravadlax and more!

Asian Ingredients


Other Product Guides: More Information coming soon!

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