Oyster Roast

100 ct. box of oysters

We have a huge selection of oysters from coast to coast available daily, however this month we are featuring two oysters that we think would be an excellent option for your party.

1: Arrowhead Petites

"Cultured within earshot of the Atlantic Ocean surf, Arrowheads go through delicate repeated tumbling which results in a plump petite SALT BOMB. They are a perfect buttery East Coast Oyster that is small in stature but mighty in flavor."

2: Shooting Point’s

"Grown at the North end of the famous Hog Island overlooking the Little Machipongo Inlet, these oysters define unspoiled seaside- The Atlantic tide rushing across white sand and brushed by the peat of the pristine marshes of the Atlantic Coast Reserve result in the purest form of salt oyster. Shells with honey hues, slightly sweet plump meats, and an incredible pure brine finish can only be equated to kissing the sea herself."

3: Great Whites

"Cape Cod Oysters begin their days as seedlings, feeding in the nutrient rich waters of North Bay on Cape Cod. From there they are hand grown and harvested in the premier merrior of Barnstable Harbor. The strong ebb and flow of ocean tides twice a day supply our oysters with a diet rich in minerality and salinity creating a distinctive ocean-in-a-shell flavor that can only come from the waters off of Cape Cod.

We start our oysters from seed to under market sized oysters (<1.5″) in closed contained cage system to monitor growth and protect them from predators. During this time we tumble the oysters several times to promote strong shell growth. Once confident they’ll survive on their own we return our oysters to a natural environment to bottom finish them. This mimics a natural wild set oyster and helps promote a deep cup natural growth with a strong shell."

Expect a full bodied, salty, tannic flavor, with pretty big meats and shells!



**Please note- Availability subject to change. 

Price: $60.00

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