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May 16, 2018

Euclid Fish Company believes our foundation for success is to be socially responsible by following sustainable business practices and fishing policies set by our partners. With this in mind, we always keep our chefs and customers our top priority through traceable and diligent sourcing and are committed to working closely  partner companies to collect clear and current industry information. We work hard to understand and educate our team and valued customers on sustainability efforts and the changing environment in which we live. Our commitment is not just about our partnerships built, but to educate and inform both our employees and customers on all information and research gathered by our partners.

We often get questions about sustainability in the seafood industry as well as safe aquaculture practices. Now, there is a full website and television show dedicated to answering your questions on just those topics which is why we are so excited to share with you, The Salty Farmer. The Salty Farmer is a site dedicated to dispelling the myths, showcasing the innovation and celebrating responsible seafood farming. Salty Farmer is the companion to Good Catch, the upcoming national PBS television series and outreach campaign promoting consumption of sustainable seafood.



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We think that our salty farmers have a fishy tale to tell and we want to begin to change the narrative around farmed fish. Just as diners discuss the farmer that grew their tomatoes or raised their free-range chickens, our fish farmers deserve a place at the table where positive stories are shared and celebrated. is a consumer-friendly website dedicated to showcasing the stories and innovations of aquaculture. We’ll transport visitors to aquaculture farms across the country, offer them cooking advice, recipes and video to encourage consumption of responsible seafood, and offer them a glimpse into the expanding world of aquaculture.



Salty Farmer and Good Catch are taking some of the country’s most acclaimed chefs out to meet the world’s fishermen and fish farmers. And they will be taking millions of worldwide viewers along. It’s all part of Good Catch, the upcoming PBS television series and national educational outreach campaign to promote consumption of sustainable seafood. The stories of the world’s farmers and fishermen are the centerpiece.

From coast to coast and places in between, Good Catch takes the world’s best chefs out to get their feet wet as they explore aquaculture farms and fisheries of all kinds. Our chefs meet the farmers, explore the landscape, discuss innovation in aquaculture, and then take the catch of the day back to the kitchen to show people just how easy it can be to create sumptuous seafood dishes.



We are all quick to say that aquaculture holds the key to feeding our future. And while this is certainly true, we can all admit that aquaculture has an image problem. People are confused. A negative narrative has dominated the aquaculture story.

How can we dispel these myths? Storytelling. People are hungry for the story of their food. There are countless positive stories to tell and images consumers could never imagine — recirculating tanks, floating spheres, bobbing cages. There are endless species to be had — seaweeds, finfish, shellfish and fascinating farmers that grow them.

For more information, please visit their site here.



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