Euclid Fish and Smart Catch; Raising Awareness for Sustainable Seafood

Euclid Fish and Smart Catch - Raising Awareness for Sustainable Seafood

November 7, 2019

Euclid Fish Company has chosen to partner with the James Beard Foundation on their most recent engagement and initiative in the seafood industry: to make sourcing sustainable seafood easier and more accessible for chefs on what to source and where to source from.

The Smart Catch program will help culinary professionals like you to understand why you are choosing sustainable options and leaving certain species off your menu.

So What Is Smart Catch?

The Smart Catch program provides training and support for chefs to pick socially and environmentally responsible seafood items to feature on their menus. By becoming a Smart Catch Leader you can earn the Smart Catch Certification and give your customers a simple way to eat sustainable seafood and a reason to keep coming back and supporting your commitments to the industry.

Smart Catch is all about educating yourself, your staff, and your consumers with a purpose of increasing awareness for sustainable seafood. Promoting sustainably farmed options is important to relieve the stress on wild fisheries. Looking to well done aquaculture is the best alternative answer to this growing issue.

Through Smart Catch culinary professionals will have a chance to influence their customers and following to make an effort to maintain healthy, sustainable food sources for generations to come. This effort will help expand your creativity, your education, and your views on aquacultured products and well managed wild fisheries!

What are the Goals of Smart Catch?

  • Remove “Red” or "Avoid" Items from menus and provide delicious alternatives for customers
  • Diversify plates through education about underutilized and lesser known seafood species
  • Encourage greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain by working with suppliers to promote sustainable seafood

The choices that culinary professionals and diners make today will impact our future!

Interested in making the commitment to a sustainable future? Join Here