Featured Vendor: Homestead Springs Farm

March 1, 2016

Homestead Springs Farm is located in Central Ohio  in Ashland, OH, owned and operated  by Damon and Jayne Meyer and their children.  A small team of creative, hard-working employees help them run Ohio’s largest trout and only Spring Coho salmon farm, as well as a Berkshire Hog facility.
Damon Meyer started out as a farmer raising hogs and cattle with acres of corn, alfalfa, beans, organic soy, wheat and oats. Today, he focuses on raising fat-and-flavor-forward Berkshire pork and believe it or not, rainbow trout. Back in 2010, Damon was approached by a friend and trout farmer with a proposition to take over his farming business.
With five generations of family farming, as well as new adventure into fish farming, the Meyer family has made quite a statement with their all-around quality products!
The fish are raised in very cold 53 degree water flowing from an underground spring at a rate of about 1,500 gallons per minute. With that flow rate, the fish are constantly being given exactly what they need to thrive - cold water and a lot of oxygen! The spring comes up from the ground right at the hatchery
and outdoor raceways so there is no run-off from neighboring fields.
The eggs they purchase are certified to be disease-free and begin hatching about a week after being overnighted to them. The hatchlings are raised in an indoor hatchery for several months before being graded and moved to their outdoor raceways. Fed a custom-mixed feed high in protein, the fish are harvested approximately 12-15 months after hatching, at approximately 1 pound each. No antibiotics or hormones are ever added to the feed or the water. And finally, their trout and coho are harvested, cleaned and processed on the same day that we receive them!  Now that’s fresh!
Fed a real corn diet to develop inner muscular fat, all of their Berkshire hogs are bred purely for taste and have far more flavor than most. Butchered on site to order, all meat is juicy and tender with more fat and finer marbling for incredible flavor and texture.
For specific product in house, please view our informational sheet here!

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