James Beard Smart Catch Program

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James Beard Foundation Smart Catch program

In 2019 Euclid Fish Company was proud to announce a partnership with the James Beard Foundation's Smart Catch Program. Sourcing sustainable seafood has never been easier!

Smart Catch provides training for chefs to understand and choose socially and environmentally sustainable seafood items and avoid less responsible species.

Euclid Fish Company understands that the choices that suppliers, culinary professionals, and diners make today will impact our future. Increasing awareness for sustainable seafood and promoting sustainably farmed options is essential for relieving the stress on wild fisheries. Culinary professionals can make a difference and influence their customers to do the same to maintain healthy and sustainable food sources for generations to come.

Through Smart Catch, chefs are encouraged to remove "red" rated seafood from their menus and provide delicious alternatives to their customers. Creativity is expanded through as chefs learn to diversify their plates and utilize lesser known species that are just as delicious as current favorites.

It is our responsibility to bring to our community clean, quality, and socially responsibly sourced seafood to our market place. We're happy to be expanding on that commitment by bringing sustainable seafood education to culinary professionals.

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