Committed to Sustainable Seafood

With the excitement of our 75 Year Anniversary, we are using this time to appreciate the foundation of our company, reflect on our companies past and appreciate the commitment that as gone into our business. We are so fortunate to have the history that we do, and generations prior to learn from, to grow from, and to expand upon. We are celebrating our foundation of quality and commitment to the industry, our customers, and our traditions that have shaped us for 75 years and are so excited to share with our sustainability statement. We are passionate, committed and motivated to bring change to the industry and are honored to educate our customers, both in the local market and our culinary partners.

Euclid Fish understands sustainability; we have been committed to preserving our industry from the very beginning dating back to 1944. Euclid Fish continues to take steps in sourcing socially responsible seafood by ensuring human rights of harvesters, farmers, and workers. We ensure equal opportunity for equitable benefits of the harvesters, farmers, and workers and we believe that sourcing responsibly in turn helps improve the livelihood for all those involved. This is our responsibility as a company to bring to our community clean, quality, and socially responsibly sourced seafood to our market place.