In-House Green Initiatives

Euclid Fish has identified several ways to not only improve and commit to sourcing sustainable seafood, but also to improve our in-house green initiatives. We make it a priority to continuously improve and innovate our green efforts throughout the plant to become better stewards of our planet.

Ozone System

  • Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers and has been used as the leading organic sanitizer for years. Ozonized water oxidizes cell walls causing them to disintegrate, killing all bacteria and extending product shelf life.
  • This product is approved by the FDA, chemical free and produces no toxic byproducts.
  • Ozonized water enhances all process in production, sanitation as well as overall  facility and trucks.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • Installation of ECO-Fluorescent using 35% less energy compared to traditional lighting.
  • Installation of motion sensors in processing and staging areas to cut down on excessive energy use.

Packaging & Recycling System

  • 100% recyclable cardboard packaging with soy based ink.
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper throughout the office.
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of used batteries, ink cartridges and bulbs.

Refrigeration Systems

  • New Kramer refrigeration systems installed.- "Kramer products boast energy saving technologies including its patented Thermobank hot gas defrost systems, providing large refrigeration systems that are recognized as some of the most energy efficient in the industry."
  • 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring system with our partner at Gleason Technologies.
  • All Data is retained in the cloud - reducing the need to print paper.

Samsara Fleet

  • Enables better use of fuel and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Continuous monitoring cold chain temperatures on all company trucks.
  • Enables our team to let you know when you can expect your delivery

Energy Management System

  • Programed at all levels of our plant