Our Commitment to Sustainability

Euclid Fish Company is committed to responsible sourcing by understanding each source of our products that we procure. Socially and environmentally responsible sourcing requires assessing environmental impacts, management and health of fisheries, workers’ livelihoods, and other factors.

Collaborations & Partnerships


We collaborate with FishWise, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (FFP), and Ocean Outcomes through Sea Pact, all of which strive for change at the mid-level supply chain to encourage harvesters and farmers to engage in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs), and other improvement efforts where needed. Euclid Fish Company strongly believes in working with stakeholders to address challenges as opposed to avoiding issues.


Our Company is a part of multiple industry partnerships such as:

Certifications, Ratings, & Improvements

Our procurement team aims to acquire the highest level of eco-certifications to help strengthen chain of custody and responsible sourcing for the products we supply in our marketplace. We respect and support local, small-scale producers. As a company, we perform on-site vendor assessments that account for harvest methods, environmental impact, state inspections, and workers’ rights. Euclid Fish Company is committed to supporting domestically sourced wild seafood when available in the marketplace. Our team has built 79 years of relationships with some of the best domestic fleets along our coasts.

Annual Supply Chain Evaluations

Euclid Fish Company performs yearly supply chain verifications and we work to ensure that fisheries we source from are not engaged in any Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) practices. We have piloted through FishWise the Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire to measure potential social responsibility risks in our sourcing and will continue to work to refine this approach. We require all vendors to perform this Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire to review their full line of product custody. We strive for traceable and transparent seafood with our collective efforts by signing on to legislation affecting domestic wild and aquaculture fisheries, Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO) support letters, and Stronger America Through Seafood (SATS) via Sea Pact.      

We ensure we are sourcing responsibly through the following eco-certifications and improvement efforts.  

Data Collection 

Our sourcing team is working towards a more efficient data collection practice. We currently are sourcing from unique vendors, direct from fishermen, or dealers and data is collected at the point of purchase as well as vendor self-assessments. This is an area for growth as a company and we will continue to strengthen our data collection process to better inform responsible sourcing.  


Through our sourcing efforts, we make sure our staff is trained on various sustainable seafood topics. We conduct monthly sales meetings spotlighting sustainability efforts and exemplary sustainable seafood partners. Our staff is welcomed to join Sea Pact meetings accompanied with our sustainable seafood officer to gain clarity in the company’s efforts in sustainability. Regularly circulated communications are available with pertinent industry updates as well as quarterly updates from Sea Pact.

Holistic Sustainability Approaches 

As a company, our environmental impact is important to our sustainable efforts. We ensure that our packaging is 100% recyclable, liners used are recyclable and biodegradable. We have been actively moving our fleet of vehicles to Sprinter vans for less fuel footprint and nightly Samsara routing to efficiently route our deliveries to preserve fuel. In our warehouse, each lighting fixture is motion censored and equipped with LED bulbs to use less energy. For sanitation, we have installed a state-of-the-art O-Zone machine to reduce the amount of chemicals getting into the environment from our regular food safety sanitation process. 

It is our responsibility to perform these actions and carry stringent processes through to provide the most responsible and sustainable seafood product. We will continue to strive for alignment to the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions Common Vision.

At Euclid Fish Company, we are committed to implementing sustainability in our procurement process. By following these steps, we continue to strengthen our reputation as being a four-generation company built on quality, integrity, and transparency since 1944.