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Euclid Fish Company is a fourth generation family foods company that has continuously provided quality food solutions and sustainable products since 1944. We take pride in supplying a wide selection of the healthiest and freshest seafood from around the world, as well as our fresh cut meat and specialty gourmet foods to the finest restaurants, specialty stores, country clubs, hotels, and casinos. Over the decades, Euclid Fish Company has become a broad line distribution company, and we continue to grow with our local, domestic, and international partners to provide our customers with the best products in the industry. While we expand our wholesale distribution throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky, we maintain a strong presence on Cleveland’s East Side in Mentor, Ohio.



Euclid Fish Company has provided our customers with superb fish and shellfish products for over 70 years continuing a tradition started by John Comella in 1944. We have built strong relationships with the world’s premium sources that share our passion for fine fish and shellfish products. Our objective is to procure a wide variety of unique products for our customers as well as provide effective marketing tools to assist them and their staff. Our philosophy is to closely interact with our customers regarding availability and trends around the globe in order to maximize variety and freshness while minimizing travel and holding times. Our processing employees are the best in the Midwest at providing professionally cut loins, fillets or precise value- added cuts or portions to any operation.

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Forest City Meats

Our Forest City Meats fresh cut meat program combines flexible protein choices and longtime industry brands to offer you a wide selection of quality-driven solutions. Euclid Fish Company offers portion-controlled fresh cut steaks, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, and game meats - both domestic and imported - that are cut and packaged to your exact specifications. We keep it fresh and competitive, ensuring you quality brand products that are packaged and cut to your exact specifications. We are passionate about our Center of the Plate program through Forest City Meats and are excited to share great ideas with your team to make a big customer impact with consistent portion control.

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Meat and Poultry
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Specialty Foods

Euclid’s Finest is the specialty and gourmet food division of Euclid Fish Company. Under the Euclid's Finest label, we deliver an innovative selection of epicurean products and ingredients to culinary professionals and their patrons. The process begins with sourcing unique, hard-to-find products by developing partnerships with vendors and importers from around the world. Products under our Euclid's Finest line include artisanal cheeses and accompaniments, charcuterie meats, grains and roasted vegetables, pastry ingredients, imported oil and vinegar, as well as a variety in seasonal specialties.

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Specialty Foods



Euclid Fish understands sustainability; we have been committed to preserving our industry from the very beginning dating back to 1944. Euclid Fish continues to take steps in sourcing socially responsible seafood by ensuring human rights of harvesters, farmers, and workers. We ensure equal opportunity for equitable benefits of the harvesters, farmers, and workers and we believe that sourcing responsibly in turn helps improve the livelihood for all those involved. This is our responsibility as a company to bring to our community clean, quality, and socially responsibly sourced seafood to our market place.

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Euclid Fish Company is a fourth generation family foods company which has continuously provided Quality Food Solutions and sustainable products since 1944. We take pride in supplying a wide selection of the healthiest and freshest seafood from around the world.

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