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Our purchasing team works hand in hand with national suppliers and local butchers to source regional favorites and supply you with a vast offering of fresh cut strips, ribeyes, sirloins and fillets, as well as burgers with only a one day lead time. We work daily with our partners to assure that all orders are quality controlled and customer cut to your exact specifications.

We are very excited to bring you all natural, premium Angus beef from our partners at Creekstone Farms. Creekstone is the only plant in America that exclusively processes genetic black Angus cattle- all hand chosen from Midwestern family farms where all cattle are grass fed and finished on an all grain diet the last 90 days before processing. We carry a variety of burgers, ground beef and steaks from Creekstone to provide for all menu styles.

Not all hamburgers are created equal! Our gourmet burger line up is specifically designed for those looking for upscale options that are completely packed with flavor. To start, we recommend our Creekstone burgers made with 100% black Angus beef. Our USDA prime brisket short rub burger is next on the list- made primarily from whole brisket but balanced out with short rib meat to create an award winning blend that is extremely juicy. To carry out the line, our premium steak burgers are made from a variety of steak cuts packed together for one big, savory menu option.

For additional grilling needs, we have been long time partners with Farmland Foods. For more than 50 years, Farmland has been renowned in the foodservice industry for quality, consistency, and innovation. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we carry a variety of black Angus, USDA burgers and hot dogs.