Our 2023 Annual Holiday Dock Sale

Euclid Fish Company staff

December 15, 2023

Our Community Event

At 10AM on Friday morning, December 8th, 2023, a line full of smiling faces were waiting patiently outside of our building. This year at Euclid Fish, we were able to bring back our Annual Holiday Dock Sale since before lockdown in 2019. As we opened the doors and the customers started pouring in, we were surprised that so many people showed up for us! Whether it was the eyes lighting up at the complimentary samples, or seeing the relief on faces at the checkout, we quickly remembered why we did this every year. 

Recap of the Event 

During the sale, customers were able to find various selections of shrimp, squid, lobster tails, beef, king crab legs, fresh Atlantic salmon sides, fried appetizers, pastries, and even pies! Our mission is to provide access to fresh seafood and gourmet products in our community. The Dock Sale allows customers to get their holiday shopping done and see all of the products available! Leading up to the Dock Sale, we were able to host an online social media giveaway and raffled off 3 EFC Market gift cards! With over 300 entries, we randomly selected three lucky winners over the weekend in our community! We appreciate all who participated in our giveaway, as we are looking forward to doing another social media giveaway in the New Year!

Thank You

On behalf of the Euclid Fish Company Team, thank you everyone that stopped by the warehouse, shared our post, or even told a friend! The last few years of social distancing have been strange, but we are so relieved that we still have a great community that continues to support us throughout the years. If you missed out on our Dock Sale, not to worry! As we approach our 80th anniversary, we are planning to have 2 more dock sales for 2024. 

Happy Holidays, and we look forward to serving you in 2024.