Elevation Meats for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio

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Award winning Elevation Meats salumis are a fantastic addition to your charcuterie board, pizza, and deli sandwiches.

Their pork comes from humanely raised antibiotic free Berkshire pigs. The salumis are flavored with high quality ingredients and cured the old fashioned way by fermenting for three days and then aging for 30 days. They offer a variety of flavors and add new varieties often.

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Featured Products

  • Elevation Barley Wine Salami

    Elevation Barley Wine Salami | PK6710

  • Elevation Black Pepper Salami

    Elevation Black Pepper Salami | PK6700

  • Elevation Peperone Salami

    Elevation Peperone Salami | PK6725

  • Elevation Sour Ale Salami

    Elevation Sour Ale Salami | PK6715

  • Elevation Whiskey Salami

    EleElevation Whiskey Salami | PK6705