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  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi available at Euclid Fish Company
    Gulf of Maine Sashimi starts with the fishermen and ends with the chefs. Gulf of Maine Sashimi originated to realize the greatest potential for fish harvested from the New England area. With fishing vessels from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts these fishermen are determined to get you the freshest fish possible and handle with the utmost care to deliver the best each shipment.
    Gulf of Maine...
  • Niceland Seafood available at Euclid Fish Company
    Niceland Seafood is on a mission to combine premium seafood with a high-end customer experience. They are the first provider of fresh Icelandic seafood to off a fully traceable "sea-to-pan" program. Each Niceland package comes with a QR code that allows you to see the individual journey your seafood took. This means each fish is fully traceable instantly, from the moment the fish is caught to the moment...
  • Ora King Salmon available at Euclid Fish Company
    The New Zealand King Salmon Company is committed to providing high quality, farmed-raised Ōra King Salmon to chefs and restaurants in the US and Canada and has been doing so since 2012. Ōra King is known for full traceability and certified sustainability. New Zealand's extremely strict food safety standards result in brands you can trust.
    Ōra King is the highest graded brand of New Zealand King...
  • Riverence Trout available at Euclid Fish Company
    Riverence has been supplying Heritage breed trout to Euclid Fish Co and our customers for one year now and our partnership just gets stronger, month after month, happy customer after happy customer. Riverence provides one of the best tasting Red Meat Trout around and is the sole producer of the most awe-inspiring Golden Trout.
    So how did Riverence become such a dominant name on menus? It starts with...
  • Ready Brothers Lobster available from Euclid Fish Company
    Euclid Fish is pleased to announce on of our newer offerings: Ready Brothers Lobster. These lobster offerings are available in two varieties.
    Cold Cracked Lobster
    Available year-round, Cold Cracked Lobster is Ready Brothers' proprietary Raw Frozen Lobster Meat. It's ready to cook any way you want! The lobster meat is flash frozen to retain flavor and texture, thus eliminating the protein degradation...
  • Jacobs & Brichford Cheese for sale at Euclid Fish Company
    Jacobs and Brichford produces fine hand crafted artisan farmstead cheeses. Their raw milk cheese has a unique flavor made from milk from cows that are solely grass-fed. Jacobs and Brichford's farm has been in the family for over 200 years and they are dedicated to a sustainable future.

    Jacobs and Brichford Brianna Cheese brochure
    Jacobs and Brichford Everton Cheese brochure
    Jacobs and Brichford...
  • Elevation Meats for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio
    Award winning Elevation Meats salumis are a fantastic addition to your charcuterie board, pizza, and deli sandwiches.
    Their pork comes from humanely raised antibiotic free Berkshire pigs. The salumis are flavored with high quality ingredients and cured the old fashioned way by fermenting for three days and then aging for 30 days. They offer a variety of flavors and add new varieties often.
  • Symphony Pastires for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio
    Symphony Pastries was founded by Yann Machard who desired to assist restaurant pastry chefs by providing quality Fresh pastries that they could creatively "finish" themselves.
    We're pleased to offer a wide variety of these delicious pastries, including some gluten-free varieties. Contact your rep for more information.
    View the Symphony Pastries catalog here
  • Van Lang Foods Hors D'oeuvres for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio
    Van Lang Foods have been producing meticulously hand crafted fine appetizers and hors d'oeuvres since 1986. You can find classic as well as innovative options prepared from recipes developed in conjunction with chefs from around the world.

    Know for their wide variety of unique international products with bold, bright flavors that are quick and easy to prepare. We're pleased to offer these delicious...
  • Black Radish Creamery artisan cheeses available from Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio
    Black Radish Creamery has partnered with Stone Wall Dairy in Cambridge, Ohio. The diverse herd of pasture raised cows at Stone Wall Dairy produce the milk for their small batches of hand crafted cheese.
    We're pleased to bring these small batch artisan cheeses to you! Speak with your rep for more information.
  • InHarvest Grains for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio
    InHarvest has become the premier provider of rices, legumes, and exotic grains in the nation. InHarvest has carefully researched and worked with seed banks and growers to reproduce heirloom grains with all of the unique flavors and nutritional profiles that have been lost in many modified grains today. Their grains are chosen from locations around the world that are most ideal for each grain's growth.
  • Wholesale Charcuterie, North Country Charcuterie is available at Euclid Fish Company
    A chef, his brother, and their mother. North Country Charcuterie is family-owned and operated, hand making cured meats in Columbus, Ohio. North Country Charcuterie sources humanely raised pork from nearby farms. Their ingredients come from Ohio producers including craft beer, cheese, wine, herbs and spices, and cure all of their delicious products at their own USDA inspected Facility.
  • Sweet Street  for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio

    Sweet Street Desserts was founded by Sandy Solmon. Women-owned and operated. She started baking classic American cookies in a 2- bay garage and now has created a dessert company that supplies to restaurants in over 60 countries. Sweet Street innovates & creates the finest, indulgent foods served globally. using pure, sustainable ingredients and unwavering commitment to always exceed expectations.
  • La Brea for sale at Euclid Fish Company in Mentor, Ohio

    La Brea Bakery’s vision is to create food with integrity, leveraging global resources to improve environmental, economic, and social outcomes. La Brea Bakery opened the first retail store in Los Angeles. The store offered six archetypal artisan breads - Sourdough Baguette, Country White Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Normandy
    Rye, Olive, Rosemary Olive Oil.
    We're pleased to offer a wide variety...