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Gulf of Maine Sashimi starts with the fishermen and ends with the chefs. Gulf of Maine Sashimi originated to realize the greatest potential for fish harvested from the New England area. With fishing vessels from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts these fishermen are determined to get you the freshest fish possible and handle with the utmost care to deliver the best each shipment.

Gulf of Maine Sashimi holds their fishers to strict handling criteria because they guarantee premium prices to fishermen in exchange for high quality product. Gulf of Maine Sashimi is creating a new seafood business that contributes to coastal economic health, food security, and environmental stewardship.

Their dedicated team of fishermen is highly trained at handling fish. Harvested and targeted species are bled, the fishermen then Ike Jime the fish which involves running a wire down the spinal cord to stop all nerves preserving the quality of the flesh. Once the fish is bled it is then cooled in a saltwater slurry further preserving the flesh.

Euclid Fish Company is excited to team up with Gulf of Maine Sashimi so we can bring to you high quality New England species like Atlantic Cod (roe and milt too!), Acadian Redfish, Atlantic Mackerel, Monkfish tails and liver, Squid, Atlantic Pollock, and White Hake. These fish are not always going to be in stock since their boats are under stringent regulations and are against seasonality, but when these fish are in, you will be sure to know about it on our Social Media and interactions with your sales reps!

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Featured Products

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Atlantic Cod

    Gulf of Maine Atlantic Cod, Head-On, Dressed | A21000

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Grey Sole

    Gulf of Maine Grey Sole, Whole | A82050

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Wild Haddock

    Gulf of Maine Wild Haddock, Head-On | A40000

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Wild Monkfish Tails

    Gulf of Maine Wild Monkfish Tails, Bone-In | A49000

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Wild Pollock

    Gulf of Maine Wild Merlan Noir (Pollock), Dressed | A62400

  • Gulf of Maine Sashimi Wild White Hake

    Gulf of Maine Wild White Hake, Whole Head-On | A33500