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The New Zealand King Salmon Company is committed to providing high quality, farmed-raised Ōra King Salmon to chefs and restaurants in the US and Canada and has been doing so since 2012. Ōra King is known for full traceability and certified sustainability. New Zealand's extremely strict food safety standards result in brands you can trust.

Ōra King is the highest graded brand of New Zealand King Salmon. They are the first and only ocean-farmed Salmon to receive a Seafood Watch "Best Choice" rating! They have also achieved a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification from the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Ōra King raises solely King salmon, no Atlantic Salmon and they are one of the only Salmon companies to completely raise the salmon from broodstock to egg to smolt and mature fish. The remote environment means that there are no biosecurity threats so no antibiotics or antiparasitics are used.

Ōra King ensures that each Salmon is humanely harvested. Each fish is thoroughly washed, and then graded by one Master Grader who reviews the size, color, and quality of each Salmon's scales, fin structure, muscle composition, eyes, and spine. Salmon that make the secondary grade are sent to other markets, but are still wonderful fish! Each Ōra King Salmon receives an individually numbered gill tag showing authenticity and full traceability.

Ōra King Salmon is a chef’s best friend and heralded as the very best Salmon in terms of taste, texture and nutritional quality, and Euclid Fish is proud to carry this amazing Salmon. Euclid Fish is thrilled to commit to receiving 1 Ōra King Tyee Salmon each month, from a maximum of 40 that are available. Tyee are a naturally occurring phenomenon that make up less than 1% of the global salmon population and are older, larger Salmon that are 30lb+ while still maintaining the Ōra King standard of premium condition fish. Contact your rep for more information on these incredible Salmon!


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