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Euclid Fish is pleased to announce on of our newer offerings: Ready Brothers Lobster. These lobster offerings are available in two varieties.

Cold Cracked Lobster

Available year-round, Cold Cracked Lobster is Ready Brothers' proprietary Raw Frozen Lobster Meat. It's ready to cook any way you want! The lobster meat is flash frozen to retain flavor and texture, thus eliminating the protein degradation that occurs from double-cooked meat. Choose from claw/knuckle or claw/knuckle/leg, it's perfect for menu items that feature lobster meat and claws.

Fresh Picked Lobster

Available May-December, Fresh Picked Lobster is Ready Brothers' premium lobster offering for chefs in need of perfect product without the mess and hassle! Fresh Picked Lobster is processed within 12 hours of harvesting and has a 12 day shelf life. It's ready for immediate use, no thawing, inventory management or labor! Choose from claw/knuckle or claw/knuckle/leg, perfect for menu items such as lobster roll and salads.

View the Ready Brothers Lobster catalog here

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