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Riverence has been supplying Heritage breed trout to Euclid Fish Co and our customers for one year now and our partnership just gets stronger, month after month, happy customer after happy customer. Riverence provides one of the best tasting Red Meat Trout around and is the sole producer of the most awe-inspiring Golden Trout.

So how did Riverence become such a dominant name on menus? It starts with the eggs and providing the highest quality eggs on the market with excellent growth and vigor, high survival rates and backed with scientific data that can withstand rearing environments.

Talking about environments, Riverence land-based family of farms rests along the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley. The location drives in Fresh Mountain, spring water that flows through the raceways of the fish giving the flesh pure flavor. Once the fish is ready for harvest all fish is hand dressed, cut, boned and trimmed for a perfect plate presentation with short cook time, mild flavor, and tender texture.

Riverence Red Meat and Golden Trout are raised with no preventative antibiotics, No growth hormones, and no-GMOs. All trout is traceable from the beginning starting with broodstock, egg hatching, and grow-out and processing.

Euclid Fish can provide Riverence Red Meat Trout dressed or fillets, ranging from 6/8oz or 8/10oz and Golden Trout dressed or fillets 6/8oz or 8/10oz. Call your rep today!

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Featured Products

  • Riverence Golden Trout

    Dressed 10+ oz. | A88200
    Fillet 8+ oz. | B88200

  • Riverence Ruby Red Trout

    Fillets 8/10 oz. | B88500

  • Riverence Smoked Trout

    Smoked Trout Fillet 2lb. | CM0700

  • Riverence Steelhead Trout

    Dressed 10+ oz. | A88100

  • Riverence Trout Roe

    Caviar 2 oz. | A11645